Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So, Rene twisted my rubber arm *g* to join this blog and what do you know - here I am *g*.

I'm sure you're all sooooo surprised.

But a blog dedicated to writers of historicals is right up my alley. I feel like we're a dying breed. *sigh* NOT that I have anything against romantic suspense, women's fiction, chick lit, hen lit or any of the other more popular genres, it's just that I am so totally dedicated to the historical world I can't imagine writing anything else. Or give up hope that one day, despite the apparently fading historical market, I'll have one of my mss published.

I write stories set in the past because the events of yesteryear fascinate me. And because my characters are all historical - they come to me, fully formed, as people from the past. The one contemp character who made an appearance promptly insisted on travelling back to 1483 England and taking up with the handsome spymaster of Richard III. So what's a historian who loves a happy ending to do? Write historical romance. And keep on pushing the genre by talking about it, reviewing books set in the past and writing the best da**ed book she can.

Speaking of which - I'd best get back to my characters :-)

Thanks Rene and Melissa for welcoming me here :-)


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