Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blast to the Past

I've been in a little bit of a writing funk. Not a bad one. I'm just tired of what I've been writing. I imagine it happens to everyone. I crave a world different from the one I've been writing in.

So I've been toying around with a historical romance I started awhile back. It's tough to get back into it after spending so much time dedicated to a contemporary world. My voice doesn't change, by my style does. Essentially, I run the words through the "translator" in my head and write them down. Takes longer. I need a dictionary and a thesaurus nearby to find the words and find out if they existed in the time period I'm writing in. Research is tough because I can't make it up as I go along, but honestly, I've done so much research, that really isn't all that hard anymore.

Anyway, I started this blog a long time ago when I was writing historicals and now I've decided to revive it in the hope it helps keep me focused. I'll post tidbits that I find and explore the particular issues that go along with writing the historical novel.

For those of you who are interested either as readers or writers in historical fiction and romance, what issue do you feel are important? Is there something missing you'd like to see? Too much of something?


Anonymous said...

Rene! I forgot all about this blog of yours! All about the historical. Glad you resurrected it.

Tess said...


Do you mean what's missing in the industry? If so, I guess for me it's the real desire to publish HISTORICAL romance - emphasis on the historical. So much these days seems to be about the HOT historical ROMANCE. My stories will always be romances because I love to write about relationships, but I crave the historical framework, yet more and more it seems the industry wants hot, hot, hot with a pretty background.

Thanks for resurrecting this blog :)

Melissa Marsh said...

Tess, you're spot on. Less emphasis on HOT and SEX and more emphasis on HISTORICAL.

I like the ones that just have tons and tons of details, like Christine Blevins' THE TORY WIDOW.

Emily Ann Benedict said...

I've been told by "experts" that blogging and other journal type writing is good for writing overall. Of course, it's also a little addictive.

Danni said...

I LOVE reading romance but as I was finishing a book the other day my friend started teasing me asking, "Did everyone live happily ever after?" I know she meant it to be funny, but it got me thinking. While I do love books with happy endings, I feel that most romances are fairly predictable. I would love to read a novel without knowing what to expect, or be able to map out the whole book in my head. Lol I'm not sure that made sense. Good luck! :)

prashant said...

Glad you resurrected it.
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